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The aomi tool is able to write to the AWS backend of Vault.


By specifying an appropriately populated aws_file you can create AWS secret backends in Vault. The aws_file must point to a valid file, and the base of the AWS credentials will be set by the mount.

The AWS file contains the access_key_id, and secret_access_key. The region, and a list of AWS roles that will be loaded by Vault are in the Secretfile. Note that you may specify either an inline policy or a native AWS arn. The name of each role will be used to compute the final path for accessing credentials. The policy files are simply JSON IAM Access representations. The following example would create an AWS Vault secret backend at foo/bar/baz based on the account and policy information defined in .secrets/aws.yml. While lease and lease_max are provided in this example, they are not strictly required. Note that you can specify the state as either absent or present for each individual role.

Note that a previous version had lease, lease_max, region, and the roles section located in the aws_file itself - this behavior is now considered deprecated. The only thing which should be present in the AWS yaml is the actual secrets.


- aws_file: 'aws.yml'
  mount: 'foo/bar/baz'
  lease: "1800s"
  lease_max: "86400s"
  region: "us-east-1"
  - name: default
    policy: "policy.json"
  - name: "root"
    arn: "arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AdministratorAccess"


access_key_id: "REDACTED"
secret_access_key: "REDACTED"