SyDEVS  v0.6.7
Multiscale Simulation and Systems Modeling Library
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API Reference Overview

About SyDEVS

This library provides a framework for implementing complex systems analysis and simulation code in a modular/hierarchical fashion. The framework combines three modeling paradigms: discrete event simulation, agent-based modeling, and dataflow programming. The discrete event simulation aspect is based on DEVS, a well-regarded modeling formalism involving two types of models that correspond with the library's atomic and composite nodes. The library also includes collection nodes, which extend DEVS with agent-based modeling capabilities, and function nodes, which simply compute outputs from inputs. The atomic, composite, collection, and function nodes can communicate through flow ports as part of a dataflow programming network. With the exception of function nodes, they can also communicate in a DEVS-like fashion through message ports.

In addition to supporting multiple modeling paradigms, the SyDEVS library provides comprehensive and reusable Modern C++ implementations of multidimensional arrays, Standard International (SI) units, a multiscale time representation, and other technical computing elements.

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Main Classes

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