Source code for moldesign.widgets.configurator

# Copyright 2016 Autodesk Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import collections

import ipywidgets as ipy

from moldesign.uibase import UnitText, ReadOnlyRepr
from moldesign import utils

def exports(o):
    return o
__all__ = []

[docs]class Configurator(ipy.Box): """ Interactive configuration widget for a list of parameters Args: paramlist (Mapping[str,object]): Mapping of parameter names to their current values paramdefs (Mapping[str,Parameter]): Mapping of parameter names to their definitions Attributes: selectors (Mapping[str,ParamSelector]): Mapping of parameters names to their selector widgets """ # TODO: help text. Use javascript to show/hide? def __init__(self, paramlist, paramdefs, title=None): super(Configurator, self).__init__(layout=ipy.Layout(display='flex', flex_flow='column', align_self='flex-start', align_items='stretch', max_width='100%')) self.paramlist = paramlist self.paramdefs = paramdefs self.apply_button = ipy.Button(description='Apply') self.apply_button.on_click(self.apply_values) self.reset_button = ipy.Button(description='Reset') self.reset_button.on_click(self.reset_values) self.buttons = ipy.Box([self.reset_button, self.apply_button], layout=ipy.Layout(align_self='center')) self.selectors = collections.OrderedDict([(, ParamSelector(p)) for p in paramdefs]) self.reset_values() title = utils.if_not_none(title, 'Configuration') self.title = ipy.HTML('<center><h4>%s</h4></center><hr>' % title, align_self='center') self.currentconfig = ipy.Textarea(description='Current params:', disabled=True, value=str(paramlist).replace(', ', ',\n '), width='350px') self.middle = ipy.HBox([ipy.VBox(self.selectors.values()), self.currentconfig]) self.children = [self.title, self.middle, self.buttons]
[docs] def reset_values(self, *args): reset_params = set() for name, value in self.paramlist.iteritems(): if value is not None: self.selectors[name].selector.value = value reset_params.add(name) for paramdef in self.paramdefs: if not in reset_params: # if it's not set already, make it the default self.selectors[].default() self.show_relevant_fields()
[docs] def apply_values(self, *args): for paramname, selector in self.selectors.iteritems(): self.paramlist[paramname] = selector.selector.value self.currentconfig.value = str(self.paramlist).replace(', ', ',\n ') self.show_relevant_fields()
[docs] def show_relevant_fields(self): for s in self.selectors.itervalues(): if s.paramdef.relevance is not None: if s.paramdef.relevance(self.paramlist): s.layout.visibility = 'visible' else: s.layout.visibility = 'hidden'
class ParamSelector(ipy.Box): WIDGETKWARGS = {'width': '200px'} def __init__(self, paramdef): super(ParamSelector, self).__init__(layout=ipy.Layout(display='flex', flex_flow='nowrap', align_content='baseline')) self.paramdef = paramdef children = [] = ipy.HTML("<p style='text-align:right'>%s:</p>" % paramdef.displayname, width='200px') children.append( if paramdef.choices: self.selector = ipy.Dropdown(options=paramdef.choices, **self.WIDGETKWARGS) elif paramdef.type == bool: self.selector = ipy.ToggleButtons(options=[True, False], **self.WIDGETKWARGS) elif paramdef.units: self.selector = UnitText(units=paramdef.units, **self.WIDGETKWARGS) elif paramdef.type == float: self.selector = ipy.FloatText(**self.WIDGETKWARGS) elif paramdef.type == int: self.selector = ipy.IntText(**self.WIDGETKWARGS) elif paramdef.type == str: self.selector = ipy.Text(**self.WIDGETKWARGS) else: self.selector = ReadOnlyRepr(**self.WIDGETKWARGS) children.append(self.selector) children = [, self.selector] self.default_button = None if paramdef.default: self.default_button = ipy.Button(description='Default', tooltip='Set to default: %s' % self.paramdef.default, width='75px') self.default_button.on_click(self.default) children.append(self.default_button) self.default() self.help_link = None if paramdef.help_url: self.help_link = ipy.HTML('<a href="%s" target="_blank">?</a>' % paramdef.help_url) children.append(self.help_link) self.children = children def default(self, *args): self.selector.value = self.paramdef.default @property def value(self): return self.selector.value @value.setter def value(self, v): self.selector.value = v